Sensory Studies in Antiquity is a site promoting studies of the senses in the ancient world, from prehistory to late antiquity, and across the Graeco-Roman world. The open network was organised following the Senses of the Empire conference (organised by Eleanor Betts and Emma-Jayne Graham) in 2013 and the Religious Movement and Sensory Experience in Antiquity conference (organised by Rebecca Littlechilds and Jeffrey D. Veitch) in 2015. The research area of Sensory Studies includes a variety of academic disciplines across the humanities and sciences, and the Sensory Studies in Antiquity network seeks to facilitate and promote research carried out across these disciplines. In an effort to foster continuing engagement between the various scholars within the network, the Multitudo workshop provides an experimental laboratory environment for discussion. Sensory Studies in Antiquity focuses on the Graeco-Roman world, bringing together classicists, ancient historians and archaeologists working on various aspects of the senses, sensory experience and related fields. 

Sensory Studies in Antiquity is an open forum for discussion and promotion of academic events relating to sensory studies of the ancient world. If you would like to participate as a blog author, or if you have a publication or event to bring to our attention, email

For more info on Sensory Studies beyond the ancient world, see

Eleanor Betts and Jeffrey D. Veitch, Sensory Studies in Antiquity Network Co-ordinators.



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