Senses of Place – Videos

Some highlights from the Senses of Place workshop held at the University of Roehampton in February 2018.

The aim of the workshop was to encourage debate as to how more robust and theoretically informed sensory methodologies and approaches may be developed within studies of antiquity. Senses of Place involved discussion of how the sensing/sensate body locates itself in a specific environment, and at the same time reconfigures that environment from the stimuli it comprises. Papers and discussion focused on what happens cognitively, affectively, and/or interpretively at this interface: how and why certain places provoke certain responses, and how such responses might be (or have been) recognised, modified, or generated. 

Thanks to all who presented and attended the workshop.

Dylan Rogers – Sensing Water: A New Approach to Understanding Fountains in the Roman World

E-J Graham – Fluid Places and the Sensory Transposition of Place in the Production of Roman Pilgrimage Narratives

Mark Gillings – A Monumental Presence? (exercises in prehistoric place making) & Introduction to the Sensory Mapping Walk

Marie-Louise Crawley – Eternal Presents: Dancing in the Archaeological Museum

Luigi Lafasciano & Andrew Gipe-Lazarou – Cultural Exploration of the Cyclades: A Multisensory Exploration of the History, Archaeology, and Anthropology of the GReek Islands

Jeff Veitch – Toward an Embodied Roman (Space) Place: Henri Lefebvre’s Interpretation of Roman Senses