July 2017

12th Moisa Research Seminar on Ancient Greek and Roman Music

Riva del Garda, 3-8 July 2017

Every summer from 2004 to 2011, the Music Department at the Ionian University hosted a week-long seminar on ancient music, which brought together students and scholars from several European, American and Eastern countries. This wonderful event was unfortunately discontinued due to the Greek economic crisis. Given its importance for the rapidly-expanding community of scholars interested in ancient Greek and Roman music, since 2014 the Arion Society has brought the Seminar back to life in a new location: Riva del Garda, in the North of Italy.

Following the customary format, the programme will comprise morning sessions devoted to the study of the particular text or topic chosen for that year. In previous years, the texts and topics examined in the morning sessions have included the Pseudo-Plutarchean De Musica, Music in Comedy, Music and Women, Music in Plato’s Laws, Aristotle’s Politics, Athenaeus’ Deipnosophists, the Pseudo-Aristotelian Problems and Aristoxenus’ Elementa harmonica.

In 2017 we shall be focusing on ‘Aristoxenian’ musical handbooks, with special focus on the treatises entitled Harmonic introduction (Eisagoge harmonike) written by Cleonides and Gaudentius, as well as the so-called Anonyma Bellermanniana.

 With regard to Cleonides, we will follow the text and translation offered in Jon Solomon’s PhD dissertation, which can be provided to participants upon request. The Greek texts of Gaudentius’ treatise and the Anonyma Bellermanniana is printed in the standard Teubner editions (C. von Jan, ed., Musici scriptores Graeci: Aristoteles, Euclides, Nicomachus, Bacchius, Gaudentius, Alypius, Leipzig, 1895; D. Najock, ed., Anonyma de musica scripta Bellermanniana, Leipzig, 1975) and an English translation of the relevant passages of these treatises will be circulated at the seminar. In addition, an Italian translation and commentary to Gaudentius’ and Cleonides’ treatises can be found in L. Zanoncelli, La manualistica musicale greca (Milan, 1990).

The morning seminars will be led by Prof. Andrew Barker (University of Birmingham), Prof. Egert Pöhlmann (University of Erlangen), Prof. Eleonora Rocconi (University of Pavia) and Prof. Jon Solomon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Differently from previous years, the afternoon sessions will include not only lectures on current research projects but also workshops on selected chapters of the forthcoming Blackwell Companion to Ancient Greek and Roman Music (ed. by T. Lynch and E. Rocconi). These workshops will give the authors a chance to discuss their individual contributions in person and, at the same time, will be an opportunity for graduate students to experience academic research in the making.

Both the morning sessions and the afternoon meetings will take place in the Conference Room of the Civic Museum, housed in Riva’s medieval fortress, the Rocca, on the central square of the town (http://www.museoaltogarda.it/en/il_museo/visita ). This informal space will allow the participants to sit around a large table, a setting that encourages the open exchange of ideas that is so typical of, and vital for, this Seminar.

The fee for participation is 60 euros. All participants should let the organizers know that they intend to come, preferably by the end of May. They will need to arrange their own accommodation,  but we would be happy to provide some suggestions in different price ranges.

For any other information, please get in touch with the organizers at the following email addresses: