Senses at the AIA/SCS Annual Meeting, 6-9 January

Sensory Studies are well represented at this year’s AIA/SCS conference in San Francisco:


 New Perspectives on Urban Life in Pompeii and Ostia

CHAIR: Steven Ellis, University of Cincinnati

2. Joint AIA and SCS Roundtable Discussion Groups:

Creating New Interdisciplinary Research: Smell in the Roman World from Archaeology and Ancient Texts

MODERATORS: Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow, Brandeis University, Mark Bradley, Nottingham University, David Potter, University of Michigan, and Jane Draycott, University of Wales Trinity Saint David


1. Session #10
 Ancient Music and the Emotions

Organized by MOISA: The International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and its Cultural Heritage

Pauline A. LeVen, Yale University, and Eirene Visvardi, Wesleyan University, Organizers

Ancient Greek and Roman music and ancient emotions are two topics that have witnessed an explosion of scholarship in recent years. Building on this momentum, our panel brings together the two subjects and reflects on their intersection. It asks, in particular, whether and how the idea of “musical emotion” is historically grounded, and how various musical media (lyric, drama, instrumental performances) represent their own musicality, and their appeal to particular emotions. Finally, it examines the ways in which different emotions were conceptualized in a variety of musical genres and discourses.

2. Session #22 
Perception and the Senses

Shane Butler, The Johns Hopkins University, Presider

3. Session #52
 Roman Dance Cultures in Context

Lauren Curtis, Bard College, and Zoa Alonso Fernandez, Harvard University / Real Colegio Complutense, Organizers

This panel seeks to establish a wider notion of the role of movement and choreography in Ancient Rome. Investigating dance as a cultural product and process, the panel will examine the manifold connections between dance and other aspects of Roman social and cultural life, the impact of dance on Roman literature, religion, art and society, and its connections with other Mediterranean cultures.

Full AIA programme

Full SCS programme



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