New publication: Senses of the Empire Multisensory Approaches to Roman Culture


Available here

Table of Contents

Introduction: Senses of Empire
Eleanor Betts

Chapter 1 The Sounds of the City: from Noise to Silence in Ancient Rome
Ray Laurence

Chapter 2 The Multivalency of Sensory Artefacts in the City of Rome
Eleanor Betts

Chapter 3 Beyond Smell: the Sensory Landscape of the Roman fullonica
Miko Flohr

Chapter 4 Soundscape of the Street: Architectural Acoustics in Ostia
Jeffrey Veitch

Chapter 5 Sensory Archaeologies: a Vindolanda Smellscape
Thomas J. Derrick

Chapter 6 A Sense of Grief: the Role of the Senses in the Performance of Roman Mourning
Valerie M. Hope

Chapter 7 Blood, Fire and Feasting: The Role of Touch and Taste in Graeco-Roman Animal Sacrifice
Candace Weddle

Chapter 8 Babes in Arms? Sensory Dissonance and the Ambiguities of Votive Objects
Emma-Jayne Graham

Chapter 9 All That Glitters: Roman Signet Rings, the Senses and the Self
Ian J. Marshman

Chapter 10 Tuning into the Past: Methodological Perspectives in the Contextualised Study of the Sounds of Roman Antiquity
Alexandre Vincent

Chapter 11 Motion Sensors: Perceiving Movement in Roman Pantomime
Helen Slaney

Chapter 12 Scents of Place and Colours of Smell: Fragranced Entertainment in Ancient Rome
Jo Day

Afterword: Towards a Methodology for Roman Sensory Studies
Eleanor Betts

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