OPEN SENSES SYMPOSIUM, Let’s Get Sensual: Friday 19th May 2017, 3-9pm



OPEN SENSES SYMPOSIUM, Let’s Get Sensual: Friday 19th May 2017, 3-9pm

The Open Senses Symposium brings together an interdisciplinary group of practitioners and artists exploring sensory practice. The event features exhibition stalls, panel discussions, pop-up talks and experiences showcasing work in academia, inclusive practice, scent, food, medicine, theatre, music, law, restaurants, typography, dance … and more.

The goal of the Symposium is to challenge, demonstrate and interrogate how sensory practice is capable of building greater connection to the world, our environment, the people around us and ourselves.


Olfactory systems and emotion

Sensing Spaces (Royal Academy of Arts)

Family and Learning: V&A

Sensorial Metaphor

Multi-sensory filmic methods

Sexual identity and the senses

Listen to your nose

Technology is innocent

Dancing Matters: Making sense of dementia

Speakers and exhibitors include:

Professor David Howes (Concordia University), Professor Juhani Pallasmaa (Helsinki University), Iain McGilchrist, Professor Charles Spence, Dr. Beatrice Allegranti, Kate Goodwin (Royal Academy of Arts), The V&A learning department, Dr Rozelle Kane, Dr. Katy Whitcroft, Dr. Mariya Moosajee (Moorfields Eye Hospital), Adah Paris, Tereza Stehlikova, Luciana Haill, The Adversary and many may more.

Open Senses is a weekend festival of art exhibitions, live events and performances, sensory journeys and walks, open studios and labs, and a ground-breaking symposium. View the rest of the Open Senses 2017 programme here

Tickets here for the symposium on the senses: LET’S GET SENSUAL


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