Senses of Place – CfP: 14 Nov 2017

Senses of Place Conference/Workshop

University of Roehampton, February 22-23, 2018

The aim of this workshop is to encourage debate as to how more robust and theoretically informed sensory methodologies and approaches may be developed within studies of antiquity.  locates the The theme of ‘Senses of Place’ invites discussion of how the sensing /sensate body locates itself in a specific environment, and at the same time reconfigures that environment as the stimuli it comprises. We’re interested in what happens cognitively, affectively, and/or interpretively at this interface: how and why certain places provoke certain responses, and how such responses might be (or have been) recognised, modified, or generated. This might also involve the secondary representation of primary sense-experiences, and the manipulation of language or other media to evoke what in ancient rhetoric would have been known as enargeia, or the vivid illusion of presence. Another keyword is perception, or the confluence of a site’s material and imagined properties to produce particular impressions in those who occupy it.

Possible topics may include, but are by no means limited to:

– the representation of settings in any medium (literary, artistic, performative)

– sense-experience in museum contexts

– methodologies of sensory history

– reconstructing ancient sites

– evoking place in travel narratives

– sensory aspects of ecphrasis

– senses in translation

– sense-experience and pedagogy

– senses and the archaeological site

– digital senses

Please send proposals of up to 200 words for either a 20-minute paper or a longer workshop in a format of your choice to by TUESDAY 14TH NOVEMBER 2017.

With best wishes,

Helen Slaney (University of Roehampton)

Eleanor Betts (Open University)




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