The Sustainable Past

The Sustainable Past

A new podcast series on Archaeology and Sustainability.

What can we learn from the ancient Roman and Greeks to help with environmental sustainability issues today? Patricia Baker and Giacomo Savani will explore possible answers to this question in a new podcast series with leading scholars who will address the environmental concerns which are of critical importance for ourselves, future generations, and all life on our delicate planet. Each speaker will be invited to explain their subject and personal view of what we can learn from the past to help make the world more sustainable for the future.

In this series, every Tuesday from 8 June to 13 July, six scholars will highlight some of the cutting-edge research and activities that are being undertaken in classical studies.


8 June. Introduction to the series, by Patricia Baker and Giacomo Savani

15 June. Interview with Dr Christopher Schliephake, a leading scholar in ancient environmental humanities, will present a detailed review of current scholarship in this field

22 June. Interview with Dr Andrea Brock, a leading archaeologist on ancient environmental archaeology who will speak about her work on the Tiber river studying the early foundations of ancient Rome

29 June. Professor Jason König, an expert on environments mentioned in ancient Greco-Roman literature, will illustrate his work on ancient conceptions of mountains

6 July. Professor Kathryn Gleason, an expert on Ancient Roman Gardens, will explain how the Romans created their gardens and what they meant to them

13 July. The final interview. Dr Giacomo Savani, an expert on ancient Roman baths, and Dr Matthew Mandich, who works on ancient and modern urbanism, will speak about their recent workshop on “Antiquity and the Anthropocene”. Then, Dr Giacomo Savani will interview Dr Patricia Baker, an expert on ancient medicine, about her recent work on ancient floral design and medicine

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