Sound Matters: an exploratory workshop into sound and the digital humanities

Sound Matters: an exploratory workshop into sound and the digital humanities

We are delighted to announce a workshop on Friday 26th August, to be held at the Sterrewacht building at Leiden University

The Digital Humanities are flourishing, but they are still largely focussed on textual and visual objects. These are objects of sight, but a significant portion of human life is experienced through sound – in our day to day communication, in the music that we listen to, in the soundscapes of urban and rural life. 

This workshop aims to tackle the following questions, to explore how the digital humanities can refocus on sound and what tools can be created to help:

  • How can Digital Humanities help us to reconstruct phonic properties?
  • How can the inclusion and embedding of phonic properties be properly represented for textual, visual
  •  and other kinds of content in our digital working methods and in our outputs?
  • How can the Digital Humanities lead to new ways of incorporating phonic data in our research?
  • How can the multimedia aspect of human experience, e.g. the combination of visual, auditory, and
  •  cognitively embodied experience, be properly understood and studied within the Digital Humanities?

To register for the workshop, email (Iris van Kuijk) by Friday 19th August. For any other enquiries, please email (Antje Wessels).

Organisers: Tazuko van Berkel, Matthew Payne & Antje Wessels

The programme and the abstracts for the talks at the workshop can be found here:

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